Currently we can accommodate five (5) people in our short course in natural skin care formulation. Please provide us with your answers on our questions. Winners will be chosen at random.

The deadline is May 30th until midnight EST – U.S.A.

1. Why was Queen Cleopatra is so important for the cosmetic science and dermatology?
2. What was the major concern of ancient Egyptians regarding beauty and skin care?
3. Who was Tapputi-Belatekallim?
Cosmetics are typically thought of as concoctions designed to scent adorn the body, but cosmetics of antiquity were so much more.
4. What was the earliest substances that gained wide use as a cosmetic ingredient?
5. Who was Zoe Porphyrogenita and what she was doing regarding cosmetics?

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DIY – Online Natural Skin Care from Your Kitchen

About short course in natural skin care formulation
It is two-month course, classes are delivered via Skype twice a week (evening hours EST – U.S.A.

Brief outline of the course:
Introduction for natural skin care formulation
Safety in your workshop and rules and regulations regarding natural skin care products
Ingredients (fixed oils, fats and waxes, butters, essential oils, natural preservatives, botanical extracts, marine extracts, thickeners, scrubs and abrasives)
Principles of the formulation natural skin care products (formulation and skin penetration, vehicles, surfactants, thickening agents, penetration enhancer agents, emollients, preservatives).
Potential noxious side effects of topical formulation
Hands on – making facial cream and lotion (including cleanser, toner and serum)
Hands on – making body / hand cream
Hands on – making anti-aging cream
Hands on – making shampoo
Hands on – making hair oil
Hands on – making sunscreen lotion

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