Despite having had the Shingles shot.

In May of 2016. Despite having had the Shingles shot. I came down with it across my eye brows and forehead. I had blisters above my eyes and a lot of pain that went across my face, down my left temple and down the side of my face, my neck and into my shoulder. My left eye was nearly swollen shut. I went to my Ophthalmologist. He diagnosed it as shingles and said it would just have to run its course. I was due to leave in less than a week for a 3-week European vacation and thought I would have to cancel it and lose all the money I had prepaid for the trip. Four days before I was scheduled to leave Dr. Isidor noticed my eyes and after a little discussion said “I think I have something that will help”. He gave me a salve he made using only organic ingredients. He said it would relieve nerve pain. I tried it immediately and found it to work to ease the itch and pain within minutes. Once you get shingles it is with you for a long time (as long as two years) and nothing cures it. Dr. Isidor’s salve made me almost pain free and has continued to do so long after the trip became a series of beautiful memories. I don’t use it daily now, but whenever there is a flare-up I turn to it for relief. I have also found it relieves the itching from mosquito and chigger bites. I cannot thank Dr. Isidor enough.

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