I began using Dr. Isador Apothecary skin care products about a year ago and I love them! I have a daily regimen of morning facial cleansing using the Deep Cleansing Face Wash. I then follow this up with applying the Sunscreen Lotion. At bedtime, I again use the Deep Cleansing Face Wash. I then apply either the Antiaging Cream, or the Facial Serum, or the Pure Organic Calendula Salve - depending on what I think my face needs that particular day. I also use the Pure Organic Calendula Salve for many other purposes, i.e., to moisturize dry skin areas such as elbows and feet, on rashes, and any other irritated skin areas. I have even used it on my dog's irritated skin! I have been very pleased with all of Dr. Isador's products and recommend them highly.

January 27, 2017   

In May of 2016. Despite having had the Shingles shot. I came down with it across my eye brows and forehead. I had blisters above my eyes and a lot of pain that went across my face, down my left temple and down the side of my face, my neck and into my shoulder. My left eye was nearly swollen shut. I went to my Ophthalmologist. He diagnosed it as shingles and said it would just have to run its course. I was due to leave in less than a week for a 3-week European vacation and thought I would have to cancel it and lose all the money I had prepaid for the trip. Four days before I was scheduled to leave Dr. Isidor noticed my eyes and after a little discussion said “I think I have something that will help”. He gave me a salve he made using only organic ingredients. He said it would relieve nerve pain. I tried it immediately and found it to work to ease the itch and pain within minutes. Once you get shingles it is with you for a long time (as long as two years) and nothing cures it. Dr. Isidor’s salve made me almost pain free and has continued to do so long after the trip became a series of beautiful memories. I don’t use it daily now, but whenever there is a flare-up I turn to it for relief. I have also found it relieves the itching from mosquito and chigger bites. I cannot thank Dr. Isidor enough.

January 6, 2017   

I have used many of Dr Isidor's products for over a year. They are truly great. The anti-aging and damaged skin cream are two of my favorites. They go on really smooth, make your skin feel wonderful and smell so good. I really love using all natural products. The calendula is wonderful for so many uses from irritated skin from rashes to dry skin on any part of your body or face. You should really try these great products.

August 10, 2016   

I have been using CALENDULA SALVE for quite a while now. It is soothing, healing, moisturizing, and I love this product!! I'm buying more today to give to my son who has psoriasis, I already know it will be very helpful to him, thank you for offering these Great Products to all of us!!

August 5, 2016   

Hi! I have been using Dr. Isidor's products for 1 1/2 years now! I LOVE them! My favorite is the Calendula Salve! It is used in almost everything because of it's healing agent! My kids , grandchildren, friends all use it! I also am a favorite of The sun screen! It's all natural and works great! I was diagnosed with skin Cancer on my face and this works great all over! I use the skin care serum and and the facial skincare lotion! I also use his shampoo, anti-aging cream, etc. ! Please try his products! You will not be disappointed! Also if you have issue, you just tell him and he will even make a special cream or etc. to help you! He is a walking dictionary when it come to your skin and Healthcare!!! Hope this helps anyone who is is need of natural skin care products!!!!😀Hope this is helpful to all!

July 29, 2016   

Thank you so much for making the Calendula Cream. I am a five type cancer survivor. I had sores on my shoulders and back that would not heal despite the fact I take antibotics daily. My skin is damaged from radiation treatments. I tried your Calendula Cream and within 2 weeks my sores were healed. Unbelievable, I had tried many, many other medicines with no healing. Thank you for making this product available!

July 13, 2016   

The Sunscreen Lotion is the best ever. I've been using it daily on my face for several months. I work outdoors and it has been very effective at preventing sunburn. It lasts all day and doesn't clog my pores. I also love the Calendula products, the Anti-aging Face Cream and the Hand and Body Cream. Great fragrances too. My favorite is Mystic's Dreams.

July 7, 2016   

i used the sunscreen at the beach this week. loved it and the fragrance. thanks for this product.

July 6, 2016   

Just returned from a week stay on the beautiful, sunny Florida beaches. My entire family: sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren used your natural sunscreen. We are believers! No one got sunburned! Yet we all got beautiful tans! We cannot believe we wasted years and dollars on other products. Thanks for creating this all natural sunscreen.

July 6, 2016   

I have had the great pleasure of using the following products - Organic Body Lotion, the Basil products, the Calendula products, Calendula salve, custom perfumes, the anti-acne serum (which is awesome for any skin problems including poison ivy). The serums have greatly diminished my undereye circles and wrinkles. I use Calendula Salve nightly for dry skin and have noted marked improvement in nail health. Cannot recommend these products highly enough. You really need to try all of these high quality products. Totally safe from any unnatural/harmful ingredients. Heavenly... like a trip to the spa without leaving home. You will be so glad you treated yourself!

June 15, 2016   

I love using your Hand & Body Cream. I have tried many creams but none even come close to helping my skin like Dr. Isidor's. I keep one jar by my bed and another by my chair. The cream leaves your skin feeling heavenly.

June 13, 2016   

So glad to see these wonderful, magical products available on-line for All. Amazing and powerful -- not to mention that everything SMELLS heavenly! Dr Isidore's products are all made with loving care and are of the highest vibration. Nothing short of a blessing... Thank you!

June 13, 2016   

Thank you for making such a great products! I love the "After Shave" Lotion. Top Notch!

June 13, 2016   

Love all these products! The perfumes are heavenly. The organic body lotion makes your skin feel like moist silk, not oily, soaks in wonderfully.
I would recommend anything they make. Customer care and great products are their priority.
You will not be disappointed, ❤️

June 10, 2016   

I have used the calendula salve both for heat rash, and also age spots. It is wonderful! I highly recommend it!

June 10, 2016   

The Complex & Beard Oil is wonderful! It softens hair and stops itch. It is my Favorite!

June 4, 2016   

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