Have you ever wondered what is real, pure, 100% natural skin care?

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What is real, pure, 100% natural skin care?

Traditional REAL / PURE 100% natural apothecary skin care products are still largely misunderstood by people and customers, existing more in stereotype than in substance, more in image than in reality. Today, everybody talks about “100% natural” and “100% organic” skin care products, but unfortunately, people are confused about them.

Probably, you noticed natural skin care cosmetic, cosmeceutical, and apothecary skin care products slowly are taking over the beauty industry in our modern times, especially in Europe, which recently banned over 1,800+ ingredients and not so many in the U.S, only eight. The idea that natural and organic cosmetics could be good for your facial, hand / body skin, and hair care is being challenged by many large cosmetic companies and manufacturers.

Eventually, you have had such a scenario and you shared it with your friends and members of your family: “Finally, I found natural and organic skin care products in my grocery store, plus I found them in the pharmacy store as over-the-counter products.” Or “They clearly said the product is PURE natural and organic.” I am just guessing you said: “That is so great, and I am so happy.” Objectively and professionally, I think you should know some important facts related to 100% natural, organic, traditional apothecary, compared with commercially available brands.

Are they REALLY 100% natural, are they REALLY organic?

Here are some of the important facts you should consider related to REAL / PURE 100% natural skin care products:

  • 100% natural and herbal cosmetics and other apothecary products, including cosmeceuticals, are not as profitable as commercially available brands, because sometimes, they require costly and rare ingredients from nature, made without chemicals, artificial additives, artificial, and synthetic preservatives.
  • Rarely, you can find REAL, PURE, 100% natural skin care products in big commercial stores, your pharmacy, or a grocery store. If something like that exists, probably, you will only find several jars or bottles.
  • Each formulation requires one crucial factor, and that is time; sometimes, it takes over 40 days just to make an initial formula or a solution that represents the start point and foundation for the further process to the point to get the final products.
  • 100% natural skin care, cosmetic, and apothecary products cost approximately 50 – 60% more to make than commercial brand products and objectively can have a shorter shelf life, compared with commercially available brands. That fact is understandable; in 100% natural products, there are no chemicals, additives, and artificial preservatives as
  • in commercially available brands, and simply, we have to use certain natural and organic oils and essential oils as a preservative and additives for natural products. The profit margin may be smaller, but the benefits are undeniable.
  • Importantly, the product you use for your morning or evening skin treatment is smaller by using 100% natural products, compared with commercially available brands. Mostly, it is the size of one lime bean to avoid oversaturation by a product. One product by size 1 oz. / 30 ml can be a sufficient supplement for several months.
  • We producers of REAL 100% natural skin care products are taking care of your skin’s acid mantle, and mostly, our products are slightly acidic (pH in a range 4.5 – 5.5, so called skin friendly). Commercially available brands are mostly alkaline.
  • 100% Natural cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and other apothecary products have a shelf life of up to several months to years (it depends on the formula and the natural product) and are always made in small batches to keep freshness and effectiveness. Commercial brands typically have a shelf life of 3-5 years, but are still left on the shelves, simply because they have artificial fragrances to cover the smell of rancidity. The products are made by the thousands at a time and mostly have no expiration date on the packaging.
  • Thus, where will you find REAL and PURE 100% natural product? You will find them directly distributed from producers; mostly, you will need to wait up to one week for the final formulation and distribution to you. Importantly, from the apothecary master, you will get full instructions how to use the product and how to maintain your skin’s acid mantle properly.
  • Some 100% natural skin care products can exhibit cosmeceutical effect, but that is not our intention (not at all); for your serious skin problems, we highly recommend professional dermatological treatment. We are here to produce 100% natural skin care products that will maintain your normal skin physiology, homeostasis, and functions, without using chemicals or unnatural ingredients.

Simply age gracefully and wisely by using real, pure 100% natural skin care products as our ancestors, without harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances and preservatives to extend shelf life. Also, take care of the slightly acidic pH environment of your skin by using balanced and properly formulated 100% natural skin care products. Avoid using alkaline skin care products from the soap to your daily or evening cream, which is mostly alkaline and accelerates wrinkling, skin aging, and disturbs normal homeostatic physiological process of your facial and body skin.



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