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The practice of herbal skin treatment has very ancient origins. According to the scientific literature and resources the earliest report about the use medical and sacred herbs and plants dates back to 8000 – 5000 B.C. in Asia and 3000 -2000 B.C. in the Mediterranean region. Importantly, historical findings testify to the occurrence of cosmetics and skin care formulas in Babylonian and Jewish societies and communities of antiquity.
The ancient Egyptians were masters of cosmetics, as evidenced by formulations described in the Smith’s papyrus (approx. 1650 B.C.) and in the Eber’s papyrus (approx. 1550 B.C.). Cosmetics and skin care formulas and perfumery were also commonplace in ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire, both as makeup, skin care products and perfumes. However, a number of archeological records and findings show that the technology of cosmetics in ancient civilizations was astonishingly similar to that of our times.

Dr. Isidor Apothecary and Perfumery is dedicated to preserve original formulations slightly modified and accommodated for modern times and needs of people of the 21st century.

Based on ancient traditional formulas, Dr. Isidor Apothecary and Perfumery specializes in all natural and organic perfumes, magical, ritual, and ceremonial oils and incenses as well as apothecary products including facial, hand/body skin care and hair care. Each formula is handcrafted and made up of artisanal concentrate blends of organic carrier and essential oils, extracts, herbs, fruits, and resins.

Almost all herbs and plants used are organically grown near the Appalachian Mountains of Northern Georgia. We never use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals.  All other herbs are ordered from organic-certified vendors.

Herbs at the Dr. Isidor Apothecary and Perfumery are harvested at proper times in accordance with the lunar and astrological-magical calendar, and all formulas follow the same principle.

Dr. Isidor Apothecary and Perfumery workshop utilizes principles of spagyrics in apothecary products, skin care products and hair care products. Spagyrics is a branch of medicinal alchemy that enhances the healing properties already existing in plants and herbs. Developed by Paracelsus, the magus and alchemist of the early 16th century, spagyrics is a holistic therapy that promotes healing at all levels of the human being – body, soul, and spirit.
Spagyric essences harness the dynamic life force in plants that triggers recovery from the energetic imbalance of illness. The harmonizing and balancing qualities of spagyric essences differ from other plant remedies and aromatherapy oils because they not only include the plant’s energetic information but also incorporate the salt of the plant, from which all toxic matter has been purged. The preparation of this alchemical medicine makes it possible to capture the full therapeutic spectrum of plants, including the cosmic energies they have absorbed.
Respectfully Yours,
Dr. Isidor
Dr. Isidor Apothecary  Workshop

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