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Dr. Isidor Academy is fully accredited and certified school / academy in the natural perfumery and natural skin care apothecary.

Message from the director:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Dr. Isidor Academy. It is my desire that the information provided would give visitors and our potential students up-to- date information on our programs and activities that we are offering in the education of natural perfumery and natural skin care apothecary.

As a director of the Academy, I am committed to providing an environment that promotes excellence in what I consider to be the business and the task of the academy: student development and self-authorship, modern instructional methods and techniques of the 21 st century, service to society and scholarly work.

Dr. Miroslav Sarac, M.S., Ph.D., DD.
Dr. Isidor Academy

The mission of the academy:

We devote our energy and our competencies solely to one task: teaching and instructing students in design, formulation and production of 100% natural skin care products and natural perfumes based on traditional and ancient apothecary formulas and research results of modern cosmetic science and principles of herbal formulation in cosmetics and skin care products. We believe that everyone should age gracefully and wisely with 100% natural skin care products as our ancestors without using harmful chemicals.


Dr. Isidor Academy has set itself the mission of offering all students and participants in our academy the modern education based on the international educational standards and high professional instructions in the best 100% natural skin care products and perfumes with quality, efficacy and safety.

We strive to preserve and teach students forgotten but healthy and effective apothecary formulas in skin care, cosmetics, perfumes and cosmeceuticals based on 100% natural ingredients of what Mother Nature can offer to humans.

The traditional and ancient apothecary and perfumery art and science meet the modern cosmetic science and principles of herbal formulary at the Dr. Isidor Academy.

The goals of the academy:

1. To develop understanding the concept of natural perfumery and natural skin care products apothecary.

2. To develop skills of observation, interpretation and integration needed to objectively analyze the natural perfume as a masterpiece as well as natural skin care products.

3. To develop skills of objective reasoning and critical thinking in natural perfumery and natural apothecary.

4. To bring own business to one unique and highly professional level based on knowledge of the ancient traditions in perfumery and natural skin care apothecary as well as modern results of research of toxicology, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy and techniques of developing natural aromas as safe and unique products, the masterpieces.

Educational outcomes:

Upon successful completion of every course, the student / participant will be able to apply the knowledge of natural perfumery and apothecary to the design, formulation and final compounding of appropriate and safe natural perfumes and natural skin care products fully harmonize with the nature, a masterpiece.

Instructional methods of academy:

1. Instruction using PowerPoint presentations will be utilized as well as in-class traditional lecturing

2. Intensive discussion sessions are made in every course

3. Active learning methods and techniques are applied in each course such as case studies and hands on sessions are applied with many practical assignments, seminars, projects

4. Course materials are fully available on the online education platform

5. Regular office hours with the instructor via Skype session or via e-mail (3 times per week to satisfy all international students who live in different geographical regions of the world and time differences)

6. Active mentorship and guidance during the course and after the course upon request

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